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8 Reasons Why Brands Should Work With Bloggers in 2022.

Do you remember the several times Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, even Twitter and other platforms have been down because of one issue or the other? 

Just imagine you were a brand with a time-bound campaign and several social media influencers had been contracted to achieve a target. What could they have done then? NOTHING. That is money wasted.

Do you know why? Because their platform of choice is not controlled by them. You can avoid such situations by using Blogger influencers instead.

Brands should work with Bloggers more than social media influencers because they have control over their platforms and are very prepared for any eventualities. In the long run, they are a more profitable fit for brands or businesses looking for online influence.

The 8 Reasons Brands Should Work with Bloggers in 2022

1. Evergreen content

The products and services rendered by organisations are evergreen, that's why they last for years and years. How better to showcase these products and services than via long-form content formats which are best on blogs? This means your brand will always be relevant within the context of SERPs and the searches people make - regardless of their ages, locations and professions.

2. Actual people with real experiences

Blogs are usually started from a desire to share personal experiences or purchases - from travel to fashion to events to makeup and so on. This varies from social media where accounts with no backstory to the owner or with instant celeb status tries to tell people about a product or service. It is easy to see that bloggers are normal people with normal and their evolution is visible across their posts over time. It is easier to listen to them and believe what they say.

And because they are real people, it is easy to relate with them thereby enabling them to build a community of loyal readers/visitors.

3. They are thought-leaders who have authority

You become a thought-leader by saying the same thing, over and over again in different ways. That's my definition anyways, here is another definition I like. But it is actually true and long-form content helps you to build that authority over time. A blogpost on a certain topic will always be at the top of searches and will always be the reference for others to follow or believe. Once you are identified as a thought-leader, your opinion and ideas are invaluable. Social media content is transient and unable to deliver the kind of lasting relevance a blog does.

4. Long-form content to share all the brand benefits

Tell me one social media platform with no character limit for the caption? None. That's the reason why on social media is most-important to communicate a singular message/idea/thought at a time. It is also advisable to repost/repurpose/reuse overtime because the algorithm moves fast and pushes past content to the bottom of the feed where it is left forlorn and forgotten - content even as recent as 2 months ago. 

With a blog, you can utilise long-form to breakdown a variety of products and services with details of each and links to drive adoption. 

5. Are present on multiple platforms
There is no blogger who ONLY is present on their blog site. At the minimum, they have a Facebook page and an Instagram page. A lot of them go as far as having YouTube channels, Twitter handles alongside a presence on Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat and a host of other platforms. 

This automatically means that they can promote your product or service on social media platforms in addition to their blog site thereby reaching out to a larger audience in the long run.
6. Content can be updated
Captions can be edited or updated on social media but the algorithm looks at it the same way - past content. Blog articles are never outdated because they can be updated e.g. an article about the Best Travel Destinations in 2018 can be updated to Top 10 Travel Destinations from 2018 to 2021.

Products can be added, dates can be extended, more benefits can be included and the price can be changed. All these do not affect the authority or ranking the article has on search engines as it will always be relevant to the search query of the relevant audience.

7. They are affordable
And dare I say, provide more value as well. 
With bloggers, it is easier to negotiate a package deal than with social media influencers some of which are only fueled by the 'success' of their counterparts who have reached celebrity status. 

They can provide a package deal which can include the blog, social media and even their email marketing lists. 

8. They are more accountable
How many times have you wondered just how many sales or leads that influencer campaign you did last week generated for your business? That's right, almost impossible especially with the limited link placements on platforms like Instagram and invisibility of dark sites like WhatsApp. 

Brands should work with Bloggers because with a blog, you can track every single sale, know how many people read about your product, where they came from, where they left to and even more granular analytics your brand will benefit from. 

Extra tip: people believe people over ads. Bloggers are regular people your audience believe because they look like them, know the same people they know, live in the same neighbourhood e.t.c. That's an extra reason to choose a blogger over an ad - in any shape or form - in 2022.

Looking to either build your brand blog or find a blogger influencer you would like to work with on an upcoming campaign? Shoot us an email to bloggersnbrands@gmail.com 

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