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7 Reasons Why Brands Need Bloggers

Brands have switched outdoor billboards for website leaderboards. They've gone from paying modelling Agencies to paying Instagram models. They've also switched from press releases and briefings in the announcement of a new product or service to letting bloggers/influencers do it for them.

There's a reason why - because bloggers have a direct relationship with the audience these brands want to connect with.

Well, that's just one of the reasons though. Let me share the remaining 6 with you

2. Bloggers are trusted.

When brands share a message online, the audience already knows that they just want to sell. But Bloggers want to connect with the audience and are trusted because of their personal connection to the content they create. The audience, therefore, knows that if this blogger speaks positively about a brand, then the brand is worth checking out. 

3. It helps your bottom line. 

Yes, it isn't as affordable as when they first came on the scene but with the one-on-one connection Bloggers can provide a brand, they are definitely cheaper than mainstream media. So, you get more bang for your buck and more impact.

4. It gives your brand a personality.

Brands are businesses. And brands that have been unable to carve a personality niche for themselves in the class of the Nikes and Cokes of this world, need help to carve this persona for themselves. Working with Bloggers can do this for you as based on the type of Bloggers you work with, the audience can immediately connect the brand to a kind of personality e.g. Pepsi - fun, loud, colourful, pop brand that loves music and football.

5. To provide you with content. 

Face it, brands are there to make sales not create content.  But the audience they seek to connect with want content they can consume. Bloggers create content so working with a Blogger helps you generate the kind of content your audience love thereby providing you with the content repository your brand needs.

6. It's easy to convert them to brand advocates.

Working consistently with Bloggers and developing an honest, sincere relationship with them will guarantee you a place in their hearts and in their content. Bloggers talk about the things they love so once they love your brand, they'll definitely talk about you and include you in conversations about thier favourite things.

Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash

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