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4 Simple Content Ideas for a Beauty brand

I once worked as a social media manager for a beauty brand. One of the recommended strategies was to work with beauty bloggers so I reached out to the top ones. 

I knew all of them so it was easy to introduce myself and congratulate them on the work they do. Moving on to the brand, they were then told the products the brand would like to gift them and to share ideas of how they would work with the products.

All the bloggers replied the email with a question 'what do you mean by share ideas?' 

I was shocked!

I was already a brand exec then so knew about positioning, brand strategy, promotion and the like so I was sad they didn't know anything about it. 

Wondering what I was expecting them to share? Well, here are 4 ideas any of them could have easily latched onto

  • I would work around a casual theme looking at how the products can be incorporated into a simple outing look
  • I focus on products so incorporating the products into a shelf shot of everyday beauty products with a blogpost or caption around the different products is what I intend to do
  • I have an event I'll be attending this weekend. It will be a great opportunity to feature this product and show how it can easily be used for high fashion/red carpet looks
  • I'm a makeup artist so figuring out multiple ways to use these products is what I'll do

The idea of being a blogger is being able to be yourself in each and every instance each time infusing whichever brand on your rooster as part of your life. Effortlessly doing this, is what will make you a professional and sought after by brands as that seamless fusion is what they look out for. 

Photo by Angela Roma from Pexels