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The 6 Ps Needed For Awesome Content Creation

Content is king but alas, poor content creation can hamper that kingdom leading to poor engagement, low interaction and no lead generation or clicks.

We scroll up, down, side-to-side and switch web pages at will without realising that everything we read on the internet is made up of content. Everything on the internet is content - blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, ads, articles, videos (did I miss anything out?)

That is why creating great content is key to ensuring all aspects of your online communication resonate with the intended target audience and gets you the right traction. 

As a guide for great content creation, I came up with the following Ps:

1. Passion

2. Platforms

3. Personality

4. Purpose

5. Position

6. Publish


  • Passion: this isn't fake emotion. It is almost impossible to fake. You need to create in a niche you are truly passionate about. If you are not passionate about what you are creating, this will shine through and your audience will feel the lack of passion in your content. Passion is fuel and when your content is fueled by passion, it shows.

  • Platforms: not every creator should create on every platform. Know the platform best suited to your content and create there. Remember, FOCUS. Don't be a jack of all trade and master of known. In fact, did you know that the real definition of multi-tasking is the ability to manage multiple responsibilities at once by focusing on one task and keeping track of the others? Not, the ability to work at different tasks at the same time? Keep that at the back of your mind when you are tempted to focus on all platforms at once.

  • Personality: in the world, we live in, it is easy to fake a personality when you face the world and another when you are by yourself or with those close to you. This is simply exhausting (trust me, I know). Be yourself at all times! Feel free to be witty, funny, solemn, sarcastic, serious, whatever. As long as it is your personality and your audience love it and understand it, hone it, grow it, own it and be it.

  • Purpose: never thought knowing the reason why you were doing something was important? Well, it definitely is. Your 'Why' is what will make you wake up in the morning and keep going at night when all else fails.

  • Position: the only one of the Ps related to marketing, it is critical to a content creator's success. You need to know and understand the position you occupy in the mind of your audience - are you the go-to person for quick fixes, the shoulder they come to for inspiration or motivation, the person they want to be like or they trust anything and everything you recommend because in their opinion you never lie. You need to know what position you want to occupy in the lives of your audience. Call it a 'positioning statement' if you like.

  • Publish: don't just create, hit that button that publishes it, post it, let it go live. If it never does, then it never was.

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