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How To Start A Blog in 2022 | The 5 Necessities New Bloggers Need for Blogging Success (Lesson 2)

What next?

The 5 questions have been answered in the first step on how to start a blog what do I do next?

This must be the first question on your mind after reading Lesson 1 in this series - The 5 Questions Every Beginner Blogger Needs To Ask 

The next step is familiarizing yourself with the necessities for new bloggers. A lot of times this is skipped in the haste to 'just start'. When we finally come round to it, there is sometimes a disconnect that leads us to need to start something entirely new. 

Well what's next is 

• A new mindset (a bonus)
• A name
• A domain
• A logo
• Brand colours
• Site design/layout

Does this sound strange? I've heard some people say they need a DSLR camera, they need to have a truckload of products, a beautiful room (I've been in that position before), they need to know the owners of makeup brands so they can get products (for beauty bloggers) and some fun stuff like that.

I mean, you'll get there eventually but those are not the things you need to START.

The 5 Necessities New Bloggers Need

- You need a name

What are people going to call your blog? 

You need a name that is a reflection of you and what your blog stands for. For some, the blog name is entirely about the blog or a nickname from when they were little. 

Unless your blog really is just a hobby and you are not planning on making a business out of it, you should brainstorm a name that will still be relevant to you, your blog and your brand as a whole in 5 - 10 years from now. 

It needs to be sustainable otherwise your blog will grow and 5 years later when you've achieved blogging success, you'll be looking for another name or be too ashamed of the name you have.

- You need a domain

Once you decide on a name, the very next thing you need to check out is your domain - to be sure the name you have picked is available and then purchase it. Godaddy & DomainKing are great domain purchase platforms for beginners either doing it yourself or with some assistance. 

For your blog business to stand the test of time, it needs to have a domain of it's own regardless of whether it is self-hosted like on Wordpress or free, like on blogspot.

Having a domain name gives your site credibility and makes it look more professional. Also, a domain name is most times easier to remember and will make people take you seriously.

So you need a custom domain.

- You need a logo

As a new blogger, part of your blog identity is a logo. It helps you stand out, grab the attention of people and is a key part of your brand. 

A good logo doesn't have to be complex or complicated. It should be a visual representation of your style and can be as simple as just a text or an icon. 

While you may want to hire a designer to create the logo, you can create an equally iconic and striking logo using Canva. The Bloggers 'n Brands logo was created with Canva.

- You need brand colours

This is a personal favourite of mine actually. 

Being in the branding/marketing industry, I've come to appreciate this a lot. Having brand colours defines your brand aesthetic. 

Check out the biggest global brands and you'll see that they have a colour that is primarily associated with them. Even in football, this is true i.e. Chelsea FC (The Blues), Arsenal FC (Red Devils).

Brand colours will help to guide your branding in everywhere and ensure consistency in everything you do for your brand - business cards, social profiles, blog design and even sometimes permeates the brand offline too.

- You need a site design/layout

The key is to do something that fits the aesthetic of the blog you want to have. Should it be a simple design, colourful, fresh, whimsical. The key is to unique and ensure the design & layout matches the type of brand you want to create and is also user friendly so people don't come on  your blog, read one article and are not happy to stick around. 

So those are the 6 things you actually need to start your own blog. It's a step by step process so don't rush it. 

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