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The Difference Between Bloggers, Creators and Influencers

These 3 words are used interchangeably when describing an online 'talent'. 

To make it easier on all of us, I have scoured through numerous articles defining who a blogger is, a creator and an influencer. One thing I do know for sure is that they can all be influencers.

Let me not confuse you, I'll just go straight into it
  • Who is a Blogger?
  • Who is a Creator?
  • Who is an Influencer?
Who are Bloggers, Creators and Influencers? The difference between all 3

Put simply, a blogger is someone who writes in a blog

But there's more to that.

Blogging is now more complex than it was 12/13 years ago when it only entailed one writing down the things they like and hope others will like it too. 

Now, bloggers are pretty much in the same league as journalists and a lot of them have gone on to become Magazine Editors and Writers who get paid by brands and businesses. Blogs are now referred to as websites and host much more than just posts. Bloggers are now business owners. 

To be a successful blogger, there are 4 other things you need to be good at apart from just writing. They are

  • Research: acquiring more information and knowledge on what you want to write about.
  • Editing: the ability to know what needs to be there and what doesn't. Good command of grammar and attention to detail.
  • Marketing/Promotion: you need people to come read your blog don't you? You need to be adept in how to sell it to people and brands so they visit, engage, find it useful, talk about it and ultimately become an ambassador for it.


Also called a 'Content Creator', they are pretty new in the grand scheme of things. 

The easy definition of a Creator is someone who creates content. That's what being a Creator is all about.

But there's more. 
I checked Wikipedia, Adobe, Digital Marketing.org, Hubspot and a bunch of other sites and summing all their definitions, here is a complete definition of a content creator
A Creator is someone who goes through the process of ideation to create appealing and inspiring digital media content via any platform or channel, that connects with the passion points of their audience. This content can be for educational, entertaining, motivational or even marketing purposes, covering any economic sector or industry.


The English language describes an Influencer as someone who has influence over another. 
I define an influencer as someone with the ability to wield influence over people by significantly impacting their opinions and actions especially in regards to the purchase of something.

Listen to these 2 posts below: 

What is influence?

Are you an influencer?


In summary, 

  • A blogger writes
  • A creator is a multimedia, digital artist
  • An influencer is any of the 2 above or any other person who can persuade people.


Now you have a better understanding of the difference between all 3, it is easy to understand when I say bloggers and content creators can become influencers. They have the value, influencing others will come regardless. 

Which of the 3 are you?

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