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Should I Blog in 2021? ONE Reason Why You Totally Should

It's 2021. 

The rise of virtual humans.

The era of the 'New Normal' in the workplace, life, relationships, heck, everywhere. 

Even I have tried to carry on a virtual relationship giving the availability of technology as an excuse. 

But that's not what this is about. This post is for 

  • the numerous people who have relied on social media platforms for the longest time and built large communities on those platforms
  • those who really don't like to read and couldn't care less if something was one word or 250 words
  • the brands who feel visual content pushes their business more than an article ever could
  • those who hate learning
  • the naysayers who are spreading false propaganda that 'blogging is dead'
  • the lazy writers and creators

Blogging on social media platforms takes the control away from you and gives it to Mark Z, Zhang Y, Jack D, Ben S and the rest of them. 

What this means is that if the platform changes ownership or is sold off or goes bankrupt, your content, your community and all your time, effort, brand, business e.t.c. all go kaput! And there is nothing you can do about it. 

Creating a blog puts the control in your hand. Your content is safe as you are able to backup and your community, business and brand is more solid as it's built on a stronger foundation. 

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