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Before You Publish A Blogpost in 2022, Ask These 5 Questions.

With the rise of personal websites, blogging is staging a huge comeback in 2022 and it pays to be prepared for when you hit publish on that blogpost. 

While it may be ok to write down your thoughts, share pictures or a story on that little corner of the internet that is all yours, it pays to ask the right questions to ensure your blogpost doesn't become another article relegated to the 1,000th page on google. 

There are important questions before you hit 'publish'

The 5 Questions To Ask Before Publishing A Blogpost

  1. Is this specific to my niche? Why bother focusing on a particular niche or topic if you are going to post content that isn't within the context of the niche? There are certain times you can go outside of it definitely, but it has to be contextually related to you or what you typically write about. Explain it before you jump in with your blogpost.
  2. Can my audience relate? it might be within your niche but not relatable to your audience maybe because they are 25 - 40 year old upwardly mobile professionals in the finance sector who do not understand why 15year olds do the things they do. 
  3. Is this content worth sharing? be honest to yourself - is it really that interesting? is it unique? do people really want to know about it or is it just you being sentimental? It is ok to sometimes post selfishly, after all, it is your blog but always ensure there are no long-term repercussions. 
  4. Will people engage with it? not clickbait but will they actually respond to it? You may or may not know how they respond to it especially with the rise of dark social but knowing that your audience engage is enough. It doesn't matter if it's just a huff and puff or a full-on response with a comment and share, the important thing is that they engage with it which indirectly means they have formed an attachment to it.
  5. Is it catchy enough for people to come back? if they are attached to it they will come back right? Ensure your post makes a subliminal promise that way, the audience can have something to look forward to.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels