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The Single Thing Needed For A Successful Blog

It isn't a camera and it most definitely isn't capital.

I wondered and pondered when I first wrote this title. 

I won't leave you guessing, I'll go straight to the point - Your 'Why'

This sounds super simple when the idea of blogging comes to mind but it actually is more complex than that. 

While your blog may not immediately be a business (like this one which is still a blogspot*), there is a long-term purpose for it. One doesn't just wake up and decide to invest an insane amount of time and effort into a venture without the desire to see it yield fruit of some kind. 

Taking out time, before you embark on the venture of starting a blog, will prove a useful endeavour in the long run and it really isn't such an arduous task either. 

Here are 4 ideas for your 'Why'. Start with I want to 
  • use my blog to teach people about....
  • share the knowledge I have about .....
  • show people how I have evolved in my personal life
  • share my love of dogs with others
Think about it - What is your 'Why'?

Mine? Bloggers n' Brands seeks to enable a fluid, mutually beneficial relationship between bloggers and brands where both parties are understood and their needs are met. 

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